torsdag den 21. juni 2012


Ok, here's a list of usts we're working on/ planning to do/ those we're done with:

Working on:
Kumikyoku Nico Nico Douga

Working on:
Proof Of Life: I started it, but the timing fucked up, so I have to redo it some time.
World Is Mine: done with the start, now I just need the rest of the song...
Tears Of Palm: I'm just waiting for the off-vocal, and then I'll continue.
Lie: Kinda gave up on it since the vsq came out.
Dancer In The Dark: also gave up on this since somebody else did it.
Payphone: One of my favourite Maroon5 songs (MUST... DO... THIS... BEFORE SOMEBODY ELSE)
Love Is War: Same as World is Mine.
A Way To be Happy Forever, I found it: "Regubaru kuriyan zandasu atibon regatoru aruban zandora imouru" I luuuv dis song, so I'm definitely gonna do the talking parts.

Iroha song: In the progress of fixing the ust, mainly because of timing issues.
Break Your Heart: Done but I need to fix timing and engrish too XD
Tsuntsungokko: (with off vocal)

Summer Wind: again, just waiting for the off-vocal.
Freely Tomorrow: maybe...just..maybe.
Kasane Territory: I thought I'd make one with all the talking/hanasu.
Some Mothy songs: I'm planning on doing (almost) every Mothy song (or at least the most important songs). So if they don't already have a ust/vsq I will probably do it. (Lol too late...)
One, two, three, four: A Rin song by Peperon, and I seriously love it! (and Peperon *fangirling*)
Scissoroid: Idk, it seems like a simple ust.

Working on:
Hikari: The one from Fragile Dreams
Let's kiss, hiding in a car
Simple And Clean
Ellis Spirit Song - From Rune Factory Frontier.... y'know, LALALALALALALA
Rolling Girl - I swear I started on this BEFORE I knew June also was making one, haha.
Some English songs I can't remember....
Zankoku na tenshi teeze
Fukkireta - Harvest Moon Edition
Brown - Mathru song... Go listen to it.... NAO
When The First Love Ends
Subspecies - That Peperon KAIKO song, fuck yeah

Black Rock Shooter
Vanilla - Gackt