søndag den 29. april 2012


Ahh, I don't really have that much to say.
Most of our new VBs have been recorded, and are in.. some stage XD
I'll finish the HFAVHP PV soon, and we're currently (while I'm writing this) making Madness of Duke Venomania staring:
Gakupo - November
Luka - March
Miku - June
Gumi - December
Meiko - May
Trap/KAITO: Ron Keine
December is the childhood friend, hurrr

I just realised half our UTAUs are missing names and character items, haha XD

June just scolded me for doing a shoddy work with May's oto.ini...
Lalala, just spamming while figuring out something to write...
We don't have that much school next week.
Early off on Monday and Tuesday, and free Friday because of some holiday.
Fuck Yeah.
I bought an Itsuki and Kyon fanbook *pokerface*
And we were at Sakura Festival (Festival to celebrate the cherry trees. and Spring)
June was only there on Saturday, so I was with some other friends on Sunday.
I am rambling, and I am quite aware of it.

Thinking of re-recording May ACT3 tonight, and maybe try to figure out how July's voice should be like...

*dancing around* Yes, I am very bored.
Well guys, I'm off again.
I have to finish November's part so we can get this mothafucka finished


onsdag den 11. april 2012


So, May got her new ACT 3 (it's up for download on her wiki guys)
Demo Song Here
We've been VERY busy with making our new VBs and stuff XD
I have some hints at projects we're working on:
Ok, tbh, I didn't discuss this with June before posting, so I hope she won't be mad or anything ;w;