mandag den 12. november 2012


Lol hi guys, May here~

Just thought I'd write a little update.
March and February was used for June (the real person)'s birthday, and February has also been released 8D

We're currently working on a Visual Novel thing-thing, with seperate story lines for every character, and multiple endings and stuff (yep) It does already at this point, contain shounen-ai..... megusta....
I'll see if I can get myself to post some WIP pictures.... We also need som BG music, so suggestions are OPPPPPEEEEEEN Gangnam Style

I also got VY2v3 8D So we're definitely making some VOCALOIDxUTAU covers, and stuff (more stuff)
Yep, update is shoooorrrrt.

Dupdupdupdup BAM

Tsukiloid covers:

By others:

By me:

By June: